Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd day Oakcliff

The team is in Oakcliff for the last event of the US Grand Slam series. Yesterday was the first day of racing but after a few hours of waiting on the water for some wind the race organizers sent us ian and called it a day. 

Today was a different story with breeze sitting out on the course just after 11. Although it was a fairly shifty day out on oyster bay the team managed to have a couple of good races
And a couple that we felt got away from us. After day two we sit on 3 wins 4 losses still plenty of races to go and the team is feeling good going into tomorrow.

The team would like to thank 
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Zhik, The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, Peter Chappell, Rod Scott & the McNally Group

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2nd bite of the Apple

It's day two of the knickerbocker cup in New York. The team finished the round robin in 8th place which has earned us a spot in the quarterfinals. With the way the quarterfinals work the person who came 1st in the round robin versus the person who got 8th so we where put up against Nicolai Sehested of Denmark.

In the quarterfinals it is the first to 3 points and after 2 very close races today the Danish  team in ahead on two points. This is going to make some hard work to reel the points back in but the team feels confident and hopefully we can make some changes tomorrow.

The team would like to thank 
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Zhik, The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, Peter Chappell, Rod Scott & the McNally Group

Friday, August 31, 2012

Sailing in the big apple

The Team has arrived in New York for the knickerbocker Cup which is the third event of the US grand slam series. After a disappointing regatta in Detroit the team was looking forward to this event. The Knickerbocker is sailed on 40ft yachts purpose built for match racing. Today was our first race day and we have started out well finishing the day on 2 wins and 3 losses that where very close. 

We had great prestarts today always felt in control and managed to get a few penaltys on our opponents. The team will be on first thing tomorrow to take on the second group of competitors so a good feed and sleep tonight and we will be good to go tomorrow.

The team would like to thank
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Zhik, The Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, Peter Chappell, Rod Scott & McNally Group

Monday, August 20, 2012

Shame in Chicago

It's been a tough two days for the team in chicago.  Yesterday the breeze was far better than they forecast with up to 13 knots of breeze. The team felt fast but with some questionable umpire calls and a few mistakes the team ended the day with two wins but we still had one more race against Roble to try and end the second round robin on three wins.

Today the breeze took its time to come to us in the morning. The fleet found themselves waiting for the breeze until after mid day but when you have a nice big house boat with Internet to wait on it doesn't seem like such a problem. Once the breeze arrived we were sent back out onto the boats for our last race against Roble. Off the start we felt good but Roble managed to make the first cross on the course and was able to hold just ahead until the end.

The team is disappointed but we still have 3 more regattas here in the US. The next being the Detroit Cup which will start on thuresday.

The team would like to thanks Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Zhik, the Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, Peter Chappell, Rod Scott & McNally Group

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chicago Grade 2

This weekend Freshie Racing Team are competing on Lake Michigan in Chicago for the Chicago Match Race Centre August grade 2. Yesterday was the first day and and the first round robin was completed in a 6 to 13 knot northerly breeze. Even though we are sailing on a lake the sea state was very choppy, which made it difficult to keep the boat moving. The team finished with 4 wins leaving us in 6th position after the first round. Today we will try to complete the 2nd round robin. As well as the tricky sea state and fickle breeze teams are having to contend with the noise and distraction of fighter jets flying at low altitude all day because of the Chicago airport and boats show! Stay up to date with the results at
Thanks again to our sponsors: RFBYC, Peter Chappell, Ron Tough Yachting Foundation, McNally Group and everyone else. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

505 World championships

FRT are taking a short break from the match racing as Pete and Dave are sailing in the 505 World Championships in La Rochelle, France. Pete is sailing with Luke Payne on Aus 8901 and Dave is sailing with Peter Chappell on Aus 8801. Also sailing representing WA and RFBYC is Matt Hansen, Mark Stowell and Mike Duffeild. SAP is the regatta sponsor and run a great website, stay up to date by following: Thanks again to all our sponsors.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

OM Match Race day 2, Lake Ledro, Italy

A long day on the water today, we finished the 1 st round robin around 1300 and made a start on the second round robin. We finished the 1 st round in 5 th position with 5 wins and 4 losses. Are are currently on 3 wins and 3 losses in the second round, we will need to perform well in the remaining races of the round robin to stay in the hunt. Check out the video blog Freshie Racing would like to thank Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club, Zhik, The Ron Tough Foundation, McNally Group and Peter Chappell for their support.